Banana Split Ice Cream Cake

Our favorite childhood dessert is taken to a whole new level in a delicious ice cream cake from Julia Hampton of the baking blog Sprinkled With Jules. Hampton is currently attending Merced College in Merced, California, and working as a part-time baker at Cafe La Mo nearby. Her blog is a great place for first-time bakers to learn tips and recipes, from how to make the perfect scone, to how to scallop frost a cake, how to make vegan meringues. This brings us to how her stunning ice cream cake came to life.

“One thing was for sure- it isn’t a Banana Split unless it has the whipped cream, SPRINKLES, and cherry on top!” she writes. “With the summer coming to an end, and a new school year approaching, this cake feels right. It’s the big summer send-off.”

Hampton begins with baking a banana cake in a springform pan to serves as the base layer. Next comes thinly sliced bananas that she spreads out on top. To create the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream levels, she spreads each flavor on top and allows it to freeze for an hour before piling on the next flavor. Once it all chills, she covers the whole cake in a chocolate ganache and decorates with swirls of whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and bright red maraschino cherries.

“It’s one of those desserts where you get to dive in, head-first, and indulge. You deserve to pull out all the stops, and so does this cake,” says Hampton.

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